The 2016 Mini Olympics is the first of a bi-annual competition series held in CrossFit Tanjong Pagar. This year, we've programmed 5 separate events - each with elements that will entitle every individual a chance to snag a spot on the Hall of Fame. This is one of two chances to get inducted into the Hall of Fame, every year. 




  • Saturday, October 8th, 2016
  • 8am - 12pm
  • CrossFit Tanjong Pagar
  • Teams must consist of 2 males & 1 female
  • Spectating is FREE! 
  • How it works:
    • Sign up as a "Team Member" or "Team Captain"
    • Members will be drafted into teams by September 17th, on Draft Night. 
    • Turn up on October 8th for Game Day! 
    • Every individual element will be considered an attempt to make the Hall of Fame.
    • E.g. Event 1 is a 4x500m row relay - the fastest individual time will go on the Hall of Fame, and the fastest collective team time will win the Event. 


Event 1: 3x500m

Dyl Goddard, post 500m smash up with a record time of 1:19.1.

The day roared to a start with a simple but brutal 500m row relay row. Teams filed in with nervous anticipation of the pain to come; some came impressively decked out in customized team uniforms, while others relied on being united by team spirit. Chatter began to simmer down to a minimum with the athlete briefing underway; the gym was filled with a tangible sense of anxiety and excitement. 

Tricia Tan, leading the women pack with a solid 1:42.1 for 500m.

It wasn't long before the temporary silence was replaced by a cacophony of cheers and grunts. Women mounted the rowers first, while the rest of the team cheered from behind the erg. After the first heat, Caroline & the Cadets breezed to an easy first place finish with Adam Clayton pulling an impressive 1:22.8 to cap off a solid cumulative time of 5:09. Even before the final rowers picked themselves off the floor, the second heat teams were strapped in for a fast ride. 

Leading the pack with an early start was Tricia Tan, who pulled herself ahead the pack for a solid first place on the TP Hall of Fame with a 1:42.1 for 500m. Unfortunately, her impressive performance would prove to be insufficient in keeping Chalk Dirty to Me in the lead as Derek Lutz's 1:26.1 and Dylan Goddard's 1:19.5 quickly pulled crowd favourite, Tropic Thunder to the top spot, giving the team an early advantage against the rest. 


  1. Tropic Thunder (4:57)
  2. Chalk Dirty to Me (5:04)
  3. Caroline and the Cadets (5:09)
  4. BTTP (5:13)
  5. WOD Have I Gotten Myself Into (5:16) 

EVENT 2: Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams saw teams leave the comfort of the air-conditioned gym, for an outdoor challenge in moving as much load as possible within a 4 minute time cap. Teams were instructed to only use a yoke to transport as much weight as possible across 100m. 

Team Breeze Blocks cruising to their first place finish. 

Teams had to strategize between moving small loads quickly, or heavy loads across fewer trips; Breeze Blocks kicked us off with a strong showing, captained by Bree Lennon. John Slattery started the yoke walk with an impressive load of 80kg, a feat successfully attempted by only a handful others - four solid trips later, Breeze Blocks would take first with 280kg moved acrossed the finish line. They would hold on to that golden finish until the very end of the event. 

Height and strength proved to be a winning combination as John Cheah and Christian Buhl set team Cinammon Rollin' they Hatin'  apart early with heavy yoke walks, crossing the line with a strong showing of 270kgs at the end of the 4 minute time cap.



  1. Breeze Blocks (280kg)
  2. Cinammon Rollin' they Hatin' (270kg)
  3. Caroline and the Cadets (260kg)
  4. Chalk Dirty to Me (240kg)
    Tropic Thunder (240kg)

Event 3: 300

Team BTTP, led by Jordan Fitzharris, chipping away at the 300.

After two sprint events, the teams return to the comfort of the fort for a movement familiar to every CrossFit athlete - the wall ball. Teams were tasked to complete 300 wall balls as quickly as possible, with a 7kg ball to a 10-ft target. With only one team member working at any given point, teams were quick to their feet at the call of "3, 2, 1... go". Hot off the gate was Caroline and the Cadets, a team built on solid engines. Led by Caroline, Adam and Malaka traded between big sets of 20s and won their heat with a time of 9:52.

Heat 1 teams sat back as the second heat mounted the lanes, and began launching wall balls over the 10-ft line. While teams typically transitioned at the 20 - 25 rep mark, one team quietly snuck away with a big lead lane 4 when Daryl Cheng of team Nazty chipped away at 100 unbroken wall balls. The massive advantage was solidified by teammates Julien Remond and Gullnaz Baig, who continued his efforts by bringing their team across the finish line collectively at 9:43. Teams held with bated breath, hoping to hold on to leads they established early in the game. 

Tropic Thunder, roaring to a 2nd win for the day.

The final heat were a show-stopping line up of 2016 Regional Team members Dylan Goddard, John Cheah, Tricia Tan and Annie Set. The combination of height and feats of strength proved once again to be extremely rewarding, as Tropic Thunder and Cinammon Rollin' They Hatin' kicked off heat three at a blistering pace. However, thwarted by the minimumum requirement, team Cinammon Rollin' would eventually lose their lead, giving way to the methodical Chalk Dirty to Me and gritty Hulking Hamsters to walk away with top honours in the heat. 


  1. Tropic Thunder (9:34)

  2. Nazty (9:43)

  3. Caroline and the Cadets (9:52)

  4. Chalk Dirty to Me (9:59)

  5. Hulking Hampsters (10:54)


Last Man Standing and Mountain Man were tests of strength and explosive expression of power. The technician was rewarded in the former, and the latter went to the brutally strong. 



  1. Tropic Thunder (11) 
  2. Chalk Dirty to Me (18) 
  3. Caroline and the Cadets (20)
  4. BTTP (20)
  5. Nazty (20)
  6. Cinammon Rollin' the Hatin (34)
  7. Breeze Blocks (36) 
  8. Hulking Hamsters (39)
  9. WOD Have I Got Myself Into (42)
  10. Buck Furpees (46)
  11. Buns and Guns (46)
  12. R.P.M. (50)


The Spirit Award is not a popular contest.

It is due recognition given individuals who best encompass the qualities we value at CrossFit Tanjong Pagar. These winners always turn up when they are in the gym - on time, and on form, work hard without complaints and are always quick to celebrate others. We are truly proud to have them in our gym. 

Gullnaz Baig & Malaka Chandradasa


Through @hookgripdreams' lens

Big thank you to everyone who came out to participate/help out in one way or another. We are truly grateful to have opportunities like these to celebrate your achievements and showcase your training. 

Keep a look out for our next event - dropping hot on November 12!